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TinyHawk Battery Tray – TBS Gear Pouch – 3D Print

A few weeks ago I bought the TBS Gear Pouch, not knowing yet what to put in there. When I was home it was perfect to store all my TinyHawk 2 items together. It also fits perfectly in the Torvol Pitstop Pro backpack on top of the LiPo Safe Pouch.  It fitted the TinyHawk 2, some spare props,  the TBS Micro Charger V2,  my URUAV analog module with True-D receiver, and some batteries. There was no space left for a dedicated TinyHawk battery tray.

TinyHawk 2 Storage TBS Gear Pouch

I switched from the URUAV Analog Module to the way more convenient BDI Digidapter, which meant some space came free in the TBS Gear Pouch. I measured the space I had left and started designing. I tried to fit as many 1S and 2S brackets in the tray while there was enough space between to still be able to take them out. The 2S battery holes are less deep,  so they will not sink in all the way. The up-right corner has a radius so it fits nicely in the corner of the TBS Gear Pouch.

The final TinyHawk 2 Battery Tray can hold:
17 x 1S  TinyHawk LiPo (450/500/550mAh)
12 x 2S TinyHawk LiPo (300mAh)
1 x TinyHawk (2) Screwdriver
1 x TinyHawk (2) spare parts sacket

I’ve printed the design in SainSmart TPU so the batteries will stay with a bit of grip. I think you can also print it in PLA or PETG but I did not try it. The design is available on Thingiverse as well.

TBS Gear Pouch in Torvol Quad Pitstop Pro backpack


Material: TPU
Infill: 25%
Supports: No

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