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SniperX Light – Insta360 Go Mount

Since I recently build the SniperX Light racing frame I need to start practicing. I’ve seen these cool 3PV clips of racers using the Insta360 Go and it was only €140 on Amazon so I wanted to give it a try. The small size factor of the camera and good stabilization makes it great for capturing drone race clips for Instagram. Now I needed something to attach the Insta360 Go to the SniperX Light.


Braces are available for the SniperX Light frame and they come in very handy for attaching an Insta360 Go mount. Because the motors are relatively close to each other the Insta360 Go has to be mounted further to the back to prevent hitting the props.

The arm base is held to the brace with two zip ties. The slit fits perfectly around the brace. Make sure you really tight the zip ties to prevent the arm from gliding on the brace. The Insta360 Go mount is attached to the arm with an M3 screw and locknut. The angle is changeable but I recommend keeping it as straight as possible with the drone.


Because the mount, including the arm, is printed in TPU the arm may flex a little. You can try different print settings like a thicker wall or higher infill, but the better solution is to get some carbon fiber rods. I’ve added designs for 1mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm thick carbon fiber rods. The holes have a 0.2mm margin (1mm on each side). It’s almost impossible to get it in without margin. If you need another size just let me know and I would be happy to add it to the downloads folder.


Material: TPU
Infill: 25%
Supports: Yes

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