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FPV Drone Race Gates 3D Files for 3D printing

I was designing a track on paper and found it very hard to draw the race gates, flags, and cubes without the drawing to become a mess. So I thought why not quickly design some very simple 3D parts. I’ve put these together in a matter of seconds, they are not worked out nicely but still are very functional. 

These parts are very easy to print in PLA. The designs can just stand up by themselves. Take a big paper and place the gates, flags, and cubes on there. Now you only have to draw the route. You can also glue some small magnets under the parts to use on a whiteboard.  You can adjust the size of the race gates, flags, and cubes to your own liking.

I’ve printed this with Real PLA with very standard settings. The items are very easy to print. Only the cube needs to be printed with supports. The flags and racing gates can be printed laying flat without support or layer mesh.

The parts are based on the Droneshop.nl Track Gear and Gemfan Cube and the design is also available on Thingiverse. Feel free to download and remix the designs. You can share your takes on it in the comment section below. And let me know if you have any questions!


Material: PLA
Infill: 30%
Supports: Only for cube


[wpdm_package id=’305′]

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