Which Crossfire TX Version should I choose?

TBS (Team Blacksheep) Crossfire is a long-range radio protocol used for quadcopters (drones), wings, and RC-planes. There are three versions of the transmitter module available and the Tango 2 (Pro) remote that has Crossfire integrated.  If you are not sure which version is right for you, read along and find out!


Tango 2 (Pro)

If you do not have a remote yet or are due to an upgrade the Tango 2 (Pro) is definitely a good option. This game controller-style radio is very compact and has good quality hall gimbals. Of course, it comes with the Crossfire protocol integrated with a maximum output power of 250mW. The newer versions come with an upgraded PCB that. makes it possible to connect a multiprotocol module in the back so you’ll still be able to fly most (tiny)whoops. The Pro version comes with foldable gimbals and a premium TBS Tango 2 remote pouch. The Tango 2 (Pro) runs on FreedomTX, a fork of OpenTX.

Available here:
TBS Tango 2
TBS Tango 2 Pro

TBS Tango 2 Pro Crossfire

Micro TX V2

When you are already settled or prefer a full-size remote,  the Crossfire Micro TX V2 is the best price option if you want to switch to Crossfire.  The compact module fits perfectly in a full-size module bay. It can output up to 500mW but rumors say this will be cranked up to 1W in the near future by a software update. It contains WiFi for setting up TBS Cloud. Changing module and receiver settings should be done by the Crossfire Lua script. It has a ring-shaped LED that indicates the connection status by changing colors. It has a USB-C connection for updating through TBS Agent X.

Available here:
TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2
TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2 Starter Set


Nano TX

The newest Crossfire TX release on the list. It fits ‘Lite’ module bays such as the bay on the FrSky X-Lite Pro. This device is the exact same as the Micro TX V2 only just a bit smaller.

Available here:
TBS Crossfire Nano TX
TBS Crossfire Nano TX Starter Set

TBS Crossfire Nano TX VS Micro TX CRSFR


Crossfire TX Lite

Ah, ok. You are getting to the more serious toys. The TX Lite comes in a bigger package. This means that it does not blend in the radio as nice as the Micro TX (V2) but sticks out. It has an integrated LED display that is easily visible in bright sunlight. With a small joystick, you can navigate through the menus and change settings instead of using the Lua script. It also comes with WiFi for TBS Cloud and can output up to 2W what makes it great for long-range flights

Available here:
TBS Crossfire TX Lite


Crossfire TX

The biggest, the best. Well, it’s exactly the same size as the TX Lite but it is the most complete in functions. This version adds Bluetooth support what makes it possible to connect with flight-planning software and apps. This is not used with FPV drones at the moment and probably be overkill.

Available here:
TBS Crossfire TX


If you still have any questions remaining feel free to ask them in the comment section or shoot me a message.

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