GoPro Hero 8 QR Codes & FPV Presets

GoPro is constantly working on their products. They do not only bring out new cameras but also improve the firmware of existing ones, like the GoPro Hero 8 Labs QR codes function.

GoPro Labs

The option to scan QR codes is not available on the normal release of the GoPro firmware. You can sign up for GoPro Labs to get access to the special firmware versions where they test certain features and functions. Such as scanning QR codes, better ReelSteady Go support, and many more.

Show your contact details on startup

Ever lost a GoPro after a crash with your quad? You can now show your contact details every time your GoPro powers on. Hopefully, someone with the right intentions finds your GoPro! You can easily set this up by generating a QR code on this page.

GoPro Hero 8 Labs Firmware

Camera Settings

There are a lot of options you can set up by creating and scanning GoPro 8 Labs QR codes. The following features are included:

  • Wake-up timer for remote start capture
  • Save favorite modes as a visual preset/QR code
  • Motion detection start/stop — only capture video when something is happening
  • Speed detection start/stop — use GPS to determine your speed and automatically start capture at a defined speed
  • Camera scripting — e.g. shoot a time-lapse of a construction site but only during daylight hours (and many other detailed camera controls)
  • Personalize your GoPro with owner information
  • Larger chapters for fewer files when taking long video captures — e.g. 4GB chapters will increase to 12GB

You are able to configure multiple settings in a single QR code so you can create presets for your most-used setting combinations.


Video Setting Presets

The most used feature is the video setting presets. As an FPV pilot, you sometimes switch between cinematic, freestyle, or cruising and maybe want to have different video settings for each. Now you can easily create presets, save or print the GoPro Hero 8 QR codes and use them in the field. I’ve been using this for the past few weeks now and find it very convenient.

I’ve also created my own preset cards, printed them out, and laminated them so they won’t suffer from dirt and rain. I perforated a hole in the top corner and put a ring through the cards. Now I have a very handy booklet with the presets that I keep in my Torvol Sling Bag. You can download my presets if you want to give them a try, the link is at the bottom of this article. I may change the files as I may change my personal presets from time to time.

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JesseFPV GoPro Hero 8 Video Settings QR Preset Cards

QR code app

GoPro also released an official app for Android and iOS (iPad/iPhone) to generate QR codes. You can save your presets in the app, however, you can not see a complete list of all your presets and you have to manually scroll through them. That is not very convenient so I prefer to print them out. You can also save the QR code to your images folder.


Try it yourself!

The QR code generator is published by the developers on a dedicated Github page. However, to make it more accessible I’ve also uploaded the code to my website.

Generate your GoPro Hero 8 QR codes here!


My Settings Table

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